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Complaints and Appeal Procedures
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Should you have a complaint about the service you have received from HCI Data Ltd we would request that you follow the procedure below in order to find a speedy resolution of the complaint.

Notify HCI Data Ltd of the Complaint

In the first instance you should send an e-mail to the employee you normally deal with outlining the service that you believe you are entitled to and the situation that has has caused the level of service to be below that expectation. Ensure that the subject of the e-mail contains the word "complaint" to make it clear that this is a formal complaint.

The employee will do one of the following within three working days:

  • rectify the poor service and notify you
  • notify you that it has been passed to a higher level for resolution
  • notify you that the problem will take more than three working days to resolve and give you an estimate that for when the problem will be solved
  • inform you that your contact with HCI Data Ltd does not entitle you to the service or service level that you have complained about

If, after three working days, of registering the complaint it has not been resolved to your satisfaction it can be escalated

Escalating a Complaint

Send an e-mail to one of the company directors explaining why you feel that the response by the employee has not resolved the problem.

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