Web forwarding is a mechanism that will allow users of the internet to access a domain which is mapped onto a different domain.

Suppose, for example, you (joe) have a domain called www.my-domain.com hosted by HCI Data Ltd. . You already have a web site on the free web space provided by your ISP, say www.joe24867.freeserve.co.uk.

In order to look professional, as if you had your own web server hosting www.my-domain.com, you would tell people to visit your website www.my-domain.com When users type in the url www.my-domain.com the mechanism we have set up will display pages from www.joe24867.freeserve.co.uk while your visitors will think they are viewing pages from www.my-domain.com.

If the internet is working, the extra time to forward the first page will typically be less than 1 second. After then, there are no additional delays while viewing other pages.

NOTE: Some ISPs add an advertising panel when they forward web pages (and charge quite a lot to have the advertising removed). HCI Data Ltd do not add any advertising when forwarding web pages.


Last Updated: 12-Jun-2014
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