Every web site hosted by HCI Data Ltd has access information collected. This information, the access logs, can be analysed. From this analysis it is easy to see if the site is meeting your expectations on the number of hits. View the sample report whilst reading through the rest of this page.

The report has many sections. Select the many links on the sample report to see the different type of analysis that can be performed. A brief summary is shown below:

Monthly Report
The main graph which should show a steady increase in the number of pages requested by users each month.
Daily Summary
This is useful to see if it is mainly office workers (lower weekend hit rates) that are accessing your site. If the peak is on a Friday it could be that they will be visiting your shop on Saturday.
Hourly Summary
This report shows a peak between 0400 and 0459 UK time. This could mean that there are a lot of visits from USA users as 4am in UK time is 11pm in New York time and 8pm in Los Angeles.
Request Report
This shows that the most popular file was /footloos/footc10.gif which is not surprising as this image was on many web pages. The most popular web page was /footloos/index.htm which, again, is not surprising as this is the home page. The second most popular web page was /footloos/footloc1.htm which was a map showing the location of the festival.

Armed with analysis from these reports you are in a better position to decide what, if any, areas of the web site need changing or adding. Without these reports you could be wasting money on a dying web site.


Last Updated: 12-Jun-2014
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